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Simple Living Remodeling is a full service residential, eco - friendly construction and interior design company. We create beautiful, unique and affordable remodeling projects throughout the bay area.                                                                                   
We are truly excited and passionate about working with our clients every step of the way, communicating, designing, creating beauty in every house that we are in. We are committed to excellence. Your happiness is our most important goal, which we work very hard for.  We have a Design Care Coordinator who will come in and help you choose everything as a part of the cost of your project. We will ask you to share your budget information and we will make a great effort to work within those parameters and include your entire wish list into the project. We have a five dimensional program that we use to show you what your project may look like upon completion. This eliminates speculation and helps you actually see the future room. Your project is not all about the money for us. It's about making a difference. We are a great team of caring individuals that’s objective is to take care of our clients.

Professional • Licensed & Insured • Commercial & Residential  

"If there is one thing that I learned about Heidi, it's that she cares about her clients' homes. Heidi is extremely trustworthy. I gave her the keys to my house for two weeks while my husband and I were in Southeast Asia. We were stunned on the progress she had made and how she was able to transform our house into a home."

-Noelle D.